Is this little guy ok?

Should I be concern

ed about this lil girl? Should I cut one side off or is this a benefit?

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It could be a polyploid. I’ve seen a couple of those come up here in the past few weeks. I had one not so long ago that looked like this, with 2 mains.

Polyploids are heavy yielders. The seedling in the pic below is in flower now and she is growing really big flowers.

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I’m new at this. I didn’t think they flowered for several weeks. What nutes should I be giving her. I have FF dirty dozen and they are confusing because there are so many bottles.

What about these others? Are they flowering too?

@Grizzlybare, your plants aren’t flowering, at least in the picture you posted. What @MidwestGuy was saying is they produce more yield , when they do, if it’s a true poly :slight_smile: looking healthy and happy, keep doing what you’re doing!!

I’m gonna sledgehammer them for the first time. Good idea or not?

why would you?


Well, that’s what the directions say to do. Don’t?

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They say to do that every two to three weeks until harvest. Something to do with salt buildup that prevents the nutes from getting to the plant.

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how old is your plant? it looks really young to be flushed

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One is only about 4” tall, the other three are prob 7-8” tall.

dont do it

The polyploid is the little guy

lets call @Myfriendis410

@bulldognuts help please

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Ok. I see what Fixer was saying. His plant was now in flower. So I’ll keep feeding the Grow Big and Big Bloom, alternating twice a week.

How long till they start to flower?

@MidwestGuy flush a 4 inch plant?

not full blast are u starting 1/4 nutes

You mean am I giving it 1/4 of what directions say? No, I’m following the FF schedule to a tee for soil.

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i think they look good dont over love them lol

Should I be giving them 1/2 dose of each mixed together? Grow Big and Big Bloom?

I’m just excited. These are my first plants.

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