Is this GSCE sick?

I’m growing three plants right now, week 7. GSCE, Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue. All ILGM Auto flowers.
They are in an AC Infinity 3x3 grow tent.
I’m using the ILGM nutrients.
What does this plant look like it needs?
Thanks in advance!

What are you using for medium and are you feeding nutrients?

Well that’s where is sort of screwed up. I’m using Miracle Grow. I know I know. Bad stuff. I’ll use Fox arms next time.

The nutrients are ILGM’s nutrients. Following the directions. I’m using RO water.

250 watt LED 18 on 6 off
PH 6.5
Temp 75, Humidity about 55%

GG and SD look great.

Do you have a scope? Those spots all over your leaves look like what I’ve experienced with spider mites. They’re are little demons and seriously a pita to eradicate.

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Wouldn’t the other plants have mites?

Your right. It’s spider mites. I got my scope out and saw them.

Is it worth saving? How do you treat them?

They were on all three plants.

7 weeks old. Gone to the big compost pile in the sky.

Cleaned the tent really good.

Time to get some seeds germinating.

Damn that sucked.

Happy Birthday Dom. Cheers to many more my friend :love_you_gesture: