Is this growth normal?

I’m new to this growing thing not sure if this is normal or not. My plant has a few spot on the lower end that have 2 stems growing out of one spot. One goes up and the other one down. Thought it was a drooling issue but not sure. Any info would be much appreciated.

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Looks normal to me… :+1::wink:


Looks good.

Looks like where your leaf is connected to the main stem imo

Here’s a better pic of my concern. The bottom half of the plant the leaves are almost growing straight down. I was thinking I was over watering but the soil is almost dry.

Might need water. You can stick your finger in it to see if it’s dryer down farther.
Secondly, what light do you have that under?

Led grow light mostly and sometimes out in the sun when possible.

that looks exactly like the ice cream cake i grew. no matter what i did or if i did anything it looked like it was pouting. it was tall and thin like that too. it was really good smoke but a pain in the butt to grow

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Any tips or things to watch for that you could share after dealing with your plant?

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i honestly dont know how it survived and was better smoke than the plants i grew on purpose. let it roll, do the best you can and then laugh it off when its over and you are enjoying your work.


Sounds good, thanks!

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The issue I see happening is the plant is going to be super tall and have a lot of lower material far away from the light source. Its really the main reason indoor growers train plants to be low and bushy. Indoors, tall is seldom ideal for cannabis. Also, watering in cloth pots is very different than plastic nursery pots. Because they breathe and can let water out easy, often times they require more frequent watering. That said, sticking a finger in the soil is not an indicator of whats going on 8 inches down. I would suggest you fill a bag or pot of a similar size with soil and do a weight comparison until you get a grip of your plants watering needs, guessing is not the best way. You can stil bend this plant and get more tops and stimulate the side branch growth. The main reason it is tall and branchless is because auxin is still being produced at its apical meristem.

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