Is this enough RSO

tried making a small bit of rso since ive never tried it, is this enough

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What do wou want to do with it?

i mean i like getting a buzz but i also use for multiple issues, depression, seizures, etc…

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I know you can smoke it. Around here we use it to make edibles or I blend with mct oil and a flavor like green apple for dropping under the tongue but we use a lot. There’s approx 750 MG of thc per gram of extract

That should be enough for a buzz ,this is wat i made

I got about 6grams

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how much flower you use

Three ozs of popcorn bud and sugar leaves

You get 20grams from a pound of trim for wat i seen on the internet

Very nice, you can mix that with a couple ounces of mct oil and add some flavoring like butterscotch or apple etc and you have a nice sublingual. A droppers under the tongue and enjoy the buzz