Is this CalMag deficiency?

This a CalMag deficiency? I do have 3 Ml per gallon in my mix. @peachfuzz @Smokinnuggs @basementstealth @WickedAle

That looks like excess nutes to me.

When you say excess . Do you mean nute burn? I do have a small amount of nutes in the mix. Just under 400 ppm. My water change today is just under 600ppm. The other plant seems to be handling the nutes fine

Each plant needs different amounts. They still look like seedlings. You shouldn’t need hardly any nutes at all


Idk bud. I’m not an expert. Also I’d keep in mind each plant unless a clone will vary from another plant as much as cousins and siblings can vary. If two plants are sharing the same reservoir then it does make it more complicated to diagnose, but idk really


@HornHead I’m just going off what the General Hydroponics recipe says. I’m going to dilute my water change down to about 350

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Always start off at half strength to see how they react

The batch I had with the seedlings was 1/4 strength @WickedAle @WickedAle

The mix I currently have it in is a little less strength then I originally started out with it’s at 350 ppm. I also have armor si added in this mix. @WickedAle

That’s a low mix as my CalMag advises using 1ml per Litre only in soft water areas.

In my opinion, you are doing the right thing by lowering the total nutrient PPM.

Just try to be patient as it will take 4/6 weeks for the treatment effects to really show.

You’re doing fine.