Is this bud rot? Or just brown sugar leaves?

I don’t see any white mold. But it just looks different. Uploading: ED5563F0-E2A6-44E7-9713-346DC8831F79.jpeg…
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Sorry. Have a time loading. I’ll do one at a time

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My opinion I don’t see bud rot, I see a plant that is passed due harvest date. You can always break the bud apart an look for a greyish color.

Ok. I thought maybe I went too long. That just mean more CBD less THC? Or do I have that backwards. What do it mean if you leave it standing to long?

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I am not sure if you get more CBD let’s tag in @Oldguy and get his opinion.

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@kellydans Thanks for the tag brother. :pray:

The thc Ends up converting to cbn. Makes for great night time smoke if lack of sleep is an issue.
Not so much for daytime.
You may want to go have a nap on the come down. :wink:



Looks like brockton brown lol… went too long possibly… If buds disintegrate in your fingers to dust then could be concerned.