Is this an okay start for outdoor auto?

I have just enough time to squeak in an outdoor grow with Lemon Haze auto before our first freeze hits. Plus, I plan on putting them in 7 gal soft pots and can easily move them inside if there is a freeze warning or colder weather. I sprouted two out and put them in quart size Cow Pots (a true biodegradable container) and plan to just plop Cow Pot container in the soft pot when bigger.

Here is my question: until they are up can I keep them in the grow tent with less lighting than normal, the canopy of my grow in there now will decrease the light. Or do I just go ahead and put them outside? I have the T5 lights but really at this point do not have a great place to put them.

You can Start with the T5 light outside the Tent move into Tent for dark hours hope that this helps you l

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It does. Thank you. I guess I should add I am literally a week or week and half away from harvesting the tent crop. Will help when the tent is empty. Will do some LH and Blueberry X Big Bud inside the tent and my little outdoor experiment outside with these two. ALL my growing seems to be experimental. :laughing:

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