Is this Algae? or hard water?

Went to fill up my cool mist humidifier and yuck! I’m guess it’s algae from the lights, …OR…there’s some really wrong about my water?
Got them soaking in some bleach water.
Thanks for looking.!

Algae. The lights will make it grow like crazy.

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the bottom of the tank looks like hard water. inside the tank looks like algae

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That’s what I was thinking and hoping, thanks@Familyman.

Yeah Ive been worried about hard water, everything in this house gets discolored,I really need to order a ppm meter, but plants look healthy but I’m concerned what other problems hard water can cause, same water as last grow, damn really what hard is ,…to many minerals it think…ok gonna Google this.but I think inside resivour us algae, and the rock hard Cristal on the bottom is hard water.

If you are using a dehumidifier use the water from it and it won’t be an issue

Cotcha good idea, right now lol m running a cool mist humidifier, but will be crossing over in 2-3 wks.

Or grab a gallon or two of distilled water at the store. Same thing


I use distilled in my humidifier. My well water ppm is around 230 so not too bad. I know it’s high in calcium

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I use rain water. Ppm is below 20. Lower ppm the better so you know exactly what your plant is getting.


I’ve been eyeing those rain barrels that your gutter drains into. I’m sure my plants would love it.

I live near a bunch of distillies and there readliy available , about 75-100 dollars, they look nice, but the alcohol soaked into the oak probably wouldn’t be best lol, I don’t even know where to get one you could use for water, guess you could get a linner for a whiskey barrel.

You can get 50 gallon barrels on Amazon for less then 100$. Everything included

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