Is this a Weird Leaf?

-What strain: ILGM GG4, Photo
-Age of plant: 6-wks
-Method: Soil (Fox Farms - Ocean Forest)
-Vessels: Vivosun 5-gal. grow bags
-Indoor: 4’x6’ Grow Closet Reflective Walls
-Light System: EXLENVCE 1200W Full Spectrum LEDs
-Actual Wattage: ?
-Current Light Schedule: 18 on, 6 off
-Temps: Day-85F, Night-72F
-Humidity: Day-42RH, Night-60RH
-Ventilation System: 20" x 20" Floor Fan to Hallway
-AC (No), Humidifier(Yes), De-humidifier (No)
-Co2: No

I have three plants growing about 10" tall in the above-referenced setup. One of the plants has weird leaves. All plants are evenly spaced and watered appropriately. The light is 18" from the canopy and I rotate the plants daily to make sure they receive fair and equal light.

The first picture is a leaf from one of the plants and is representative of the leaves on the other two plants.

The second picture is the wrinkly leaf from the other plants.

Any suggestions, ideas an/or feedback will be appreciated.

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I wouldn’t worry about a small anomaly. Blemishes come and go. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you worry about every small anomaly with a plant. Your plant looks fine.


Thank you. That is what I thought.

There are 2 switches on the light. One is for bloom and the other is for vegetative. The manufacturer recommends and that the veg channel be used during early growth and both switches for blooming/fruiting.

I understand the blue spectrum for veg and red spectrum for flowering, but wouldn’t it be better to go full spectrum during the full growth stage and control flowering by reducing the light cycle to 12 on 12 off?

Yes, keep both switches on. Your light is only 235w total. You will need all of that at least to flower 3 plants.

The VEG channel utilizes a full spectrum of colors for germinating seedlings and young plants consuming 155W of power. The BLOOM channel implements more red wavelengths to simulate late summer and is most suited for plants in the flowering stage while consuming only 80W. VEG and BLOOM can be used together to encourage maximum growth performance from seedling to harvest. This light can replace a traditional 1200W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 235W total !

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Thank you so much.