Is this a sign my plant will be female ? White pistol coming out top

Looks female to me

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no sexing signs on this one. should be soon.

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It’s a girl

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Look at the hair out the top of the stock


Yes, I saw that weird little growth…THAT IS NOT A FEMALE
Just a weird growth where it was topped. Just because you want it doesn’t mean that is how it is. Dun make it hard on yourself chasing “Ghost Pistils”.
Sex will show soon…BUT…not now.

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Umm its comming out of a catalyst but I’m not here to argue. I wouldnt think that was wierd growth.

Oh not arguing. Just offering friendly advice…that can considered or ignored.

If that is a pistil…IT IS A WEIRD GROWTH. Pistils don’t get that long and are snow white and fuzzy, then turn red/brown after a week or son. But, no negatives to the health of the plant.

Your grow…you choice.