Is this a pottasium deficiency?

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Strain; Type, , or 1 plant gold leaf indica 2 plants trainwreck sativa all from feminized seeds Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? System type? soil
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
Indoor or Outdoor Light system, size? indoor 600 watt led
Temps; Day, Night 79-81
Humidity; Day, Night 59%- 61%
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size Yes 8" dk hp should be big enough
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no
Co2; , No

have been using earth juice grow during waterings. thought it was nutrient burn at first so have just used plain water in last few waterings .plant has been getting worse. b

ottom leaves turning yellow and dying. was planning on changing to bloom this week.should I wait until plants have recovered .what should I do to correct this thanks for any info

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I noticed you didn’t put the pH of runoff or TDS. For something like this those are very important. Do you have a meter to measure them? What amount of fertilizer were you giving them and how often? What type of soil are you using?

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TDS? have not tested runoff yet waiting for next watering I had put another post up the other day associated with this problem where I was trying to raise ph of soil because when tested it was between 5.0-5.3 . I have always watered with 6.0 ph level water I only used half of recommended nutrients because it put the ph level of water to low around 4.2. I just used a regular pottimng soil I had at house might be the problem

Yes. If it were my plants I would flush with 10 gallons of water with 1/2 tsp of Epsom salt per gallon, ph at 6.5 and measure runoff from the last half gallon of runoff. Both ph and TDS. Then, fertilize at 1/2 strength at the next watering. Always ph 6.5 after nutrients!

The Epsom salt is to help remove any toxic salt buildup during the flush. If you don’t see the soil ph come up, repeat with ph 7.0 water.


I agree with MyFriend - looks like a chemical/PH issue - Flush and also back off your light a little - raise the light - What is the temperature in this area also?

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TDS is total dissolved solids. It will show you the levels of salts and nutrients and such in the liquid your testing. It’s measured in parts per million or ppm. You can find them on Amazon or ebay. A good hydro store should have them too.

Dolomite lime sprinkle a tablespoon on top of soil and water it in it will help to raise soil ph which is the issue entirely in organic soils ph should be fairly close to 6.5
This is classic case of nutrient lock out since ph is low even by hydro standards


thx giving them a flush today and bought a tds teste

what should be the tds reading on last half gallon runoff

thx for infoflushed plants today was able to get runoff ph to 6.3 went and bought tds tester what is the ppm I am looking for

@rasta1, I would be interested in the differential between start and finish flush on the tds. As it is, you should take a test of the last half gallon of runoff from the flush, knowing what the input tds value is as well. I would guess that the soil is fairly depleted. At the next watering I would resume nutrients at one half strength and see what she tells you. If you can, maybe wait a couple of weeks until you know she’s okay before flipping?

ok thx after first flush the ppm was over11000 after last flush between 600-700ppm

Oh, excellent! I would say you cleared up any toxic salt buildup you might have had. That said your soil is probably depleted and soon she’s going to get hungry. I think you did good.

Any chance you could explain the effect of Epsom salts on soil toxicity? I’ve heard of Epsom salts being used to supplement magnesium and sulfur, but never as a flushing agent. I’ve always used calmag, but would consider switching to Epsom salts if I’m missing out on something.

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I’m not sure I understand the Epsom salt flush either. How do you flush a salt with another salt? I just use filtered, pH balanced water when my salt levels too high.

I recommended Epsom salt for two reasons. One, that potassium was possibly deficient and two, @bob31 had recommended it as a means of dissolving toxic salts built up in the soil. I guess think of it as a solvent to help the water.

thx again plants seem to be doing better

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