Is this a ph thing?

I recently discovered that my ph pen was off by at least 1.2 points so instead of watering with 6.2 to 6.5 it was 7 .4 to 7.7. I got the ph pen recalibrated how ever, I do not know what my run off is. I hade been water (with nutes) 1/2 gal per plant and wasn’t really getting much run off. I also recently upped the amout of watering/feeding to a gal per plant and am getting more of a run off but I have not checked it. going to get something to catch it in to check it tomorrow. With that said, I think I have something going on. I’m going to do a a good flush in the morning. (its raining right now).I have 3 WW and 5 Crystal this is only the WW that its doing it to.

happening to. any thoughts? @bob31 @Hogmaster

I would definitely consider buying a back up pH pen never hurts to have 2

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Never had this problem when I just used drops! I mixed up some nutes today but re calibrated and used drops to make sure I’m in the right range. So do you think its pH then?

You never know if you don’t store mobile correctly they can be off within a few different checks I always keep at least two or three handy around me personally or spend the extra money and get a real good one but even then I’d rather have two or three then one good one they could still malfunction

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Either ph or mangenese


Where can find manganese? @Majiktoker

In most if not all flower foods

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I can’t quite tell from the picture, but is that a 5gal bucket?

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@Aquaponic_Dumme yea those are in 5 gal buckets. They have a 100 holes of more in the sides and about 6 in the bottom