Is this a nutrient issue?

This is ffhf soil with 10% perlite added and I use the trio of nutrients at 50-75%. I water every three or four days.


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Those lower fan leaves were some of the first ones formed. The plant is done with them and has sucked out the nutrients. You can just cut those off.
I see a healthy plant in the first week of flower. :wink:


Your girls looks good and helathy those bottom ones are the 1st ones to die. U can actually remove em


Thank you everyone. I am glad I asked. Sometimes I mess things up by trying to fix something that isn’t a problem.


Keep up the good job


Welcome ! Community has you covered plants look good. :v::+1:

welcome to the community,

Welcome to the neighborhood :blush: you are in good hands here. Happy Growing :blush::v:

Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

She looks good and those old fan leaves normally die as the plants flower. Totally normal usually.

And welcome to the community. :+1:

The plants look great.

If you are following the fox farms feeding schedule you should add cal-mag to the trio. Deficiencies usually start showing up mid flower.

I added 3 tbls dolomite lime to 3 gallons of soil. Should that handle it?

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Not familiar with it sorry

I might be wrong, but I think lime is for adjusting pH of soil and is in no way a substitute for cal-mag.

Some people use epsom salt for magnesium.


It does both. It helps neutralize ph and is basically, calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. That’s why it’s important to not add calmag with dolomite in the soil because it can cause an excess. Found this out the hard way.

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Thanks for the info

Me too! lol. Less is more.

@jdaddio Welcome, Beachglass has said it correctly.

Enjoy yhe journey.

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