Is this a nutrient deficiency or surplus or something else?

So I know this is probably the most commonly asked question of here but this is my first grow so I’m new to all this, gorilla glue auto, 9 weeks in, been flowering for about 4 weeks, 5 gal pots, 6.2 ph water , happy frog dirt, fox farms nutrients, was previously only giving small doses according to this chart l of the nutes but the last two feedings I gave it a full dose each time. I have attached my feeding/watering schedule below this. Does anyone know how much longer these might take until harvest? Waiting on tricome change. And how much dry yield can I expect?,

Aug 5 Planted seeds
Gorilla glue auto flower from ILGM
Started flower September 5th

Week 1 (aug 5-11)
Light at 24”
70-90 rh
Ph 6.0 water

Week 2(aug 12-18)
Light at 18-24”
70-90 rh
Ph 6.0 water
14ml grow big 30 ml big bloom in 2 gal on aug 16th
Only used 1-1.5 gallons between all 3 plants
Started to have curling so raised the light to 24” and turned down to 75%

Week 3 (aug 19-25)
Light at 24”
75% rh
Ph 6.0 water
water on 19th 1.5 gal
Started lst on aug 22
Aug 24 fed with 60 ml big bloom 30 ml grow big in 2 gallons of water divided among three plants

Week 4 (aug 26-Sep1)
Light at 24”
80 rh
Watered September 1

Week 5( sep 2- 8)
!!!Flowering began around September 5th!!!
Light all the way up high and on max
70-80 rh
5ml of tigerbloom per 2gal
8ml of growbig per 2 gal
30 ml bb all on September 7

Week 6 (sep 9-15)
60%-70 rh
Light all the way up high and on max
Watered ph water September 10th (1.5 gal /3)
15 ml bb 10ml grow big 10ml tiger bloom on September 14th
Broke main top on 14th

Week 7 (sep 16-22)
70 rh
Light all the way up, turned down a little on 17th
Watered reg on September 17th
September 20 23ml of gb 23ml tb 34ml bb in 3 gal ph 6.8

Week 8 (sep 23-29)
Light all the way up
1 gal per plant every 3 days
Reg water ph 6.2 on September 23
Bb 45ml gb30ml tigerbloom 30ml in 3 gal September 26
Regular water 6.2 on September 29

Week 9 (sep 30- oct 6)
60-80 rh
Light at 20”
Fed 45ml bb 30ml gb 30ml tb on October 1
Ph watered 6.2 at October 4th

Good Evening @Payton
That looks like a tiny bit of nutrient burn.

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@Flitme should reduce the amount of nutrients I am feeding them?

Bump your input ph to 6.5-6.8 range for this part of the grow. From the pics they look further along than 4 weeks of flower. Great looking plants!

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@BobbyDigital how much longer do you estimate these plants to have left? I lent my microscope to someone and haven’t getting it back yet so I don’t know what the tricomes look like yet

Hard to say from those pics but they sure look further along than 4 weeks

@BobbyDigital so almost exactly 4 weeks ago it started growing the white pistols, that is when it starts “flowering” right?

Yeah that’s when I start counting. If they’re really only 4 weeks then you should have at least another 4 weeks to go.

@BobbyDigital how much more bud do you think they will grow in 4 more weeks, I have no clue what the dry weight will get from these plants? Any ideas from the pics?

No telling the weight from pics. Really need to be able to see, feel and squeeze. As for the buds, they should double in size. The last few weeks being the biggest swell.

I think you should stay the course whatever you are doing because the little,yellowing/ browning tips is a good sign that you are feeding the plant enough but not harming it …

I used that schedule but outdoors with the liquid and dry trios only and cal mag your plants look really healthy

I’m a noob and never grew inside …

Also I grew 2 photos topped them and they reached 4 feet in height
Total dry weight was 5&1/2 z each plant
One airy strain ,one dense that didn’t seem to matter

Look it may be little bit burnt from nutrients or it maybe early potassium or phosphorus deficiency as flowering plants need more potassium and phosphorus