Is this a mislabeled auto?

it’s supposed to be a photo Acapulco gold

I don’t think you can tell the difference from a picture?

If you are in something other than 12/12 and they start to pre-flower on their own, then I’m thinking you have an auto.


Does the picture show early flower? It’s currently on 18/6

I can’t see any indication of pre flower on her. How old is she?

4 weeks tomorrow

@Fever why do you think it’s an auto flower?

and @Donaldj I didn’t get my thoughts across very well. Thank you for pointing that out. @Hawkeye_diesel has it right.

And if you don’t see any signs of sex prior to going into a 12/12 cycle, what makes you @Fever think that your girl is an auto?

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Lol my photo plants pre-flower all the time before switch it doesn’t mean they are in flower until buds start stacking it’s just a indicator the plant is mature enough to flower


a pre flower is a single flower growing near the stipules as in the picture…the real action, flowering, takes place at the growth tips. They can show up 3-6 weeks into growing from seed.


It should be flowering or show signs. I doubt anything was mislabeled. Wait another week and see what happens

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It’s just cause I’m new and this particular Acapulco gold has been performing well and I have another plant that is auto that is well autoing… they looked similar but not quite