Is there such a thing as a good mushroom?

Hey yall, so heres the deal.

i think ive been watering well, i do it every 3 days for 3 times now and when i do the soil is always dry on top.

I Noticed a mushroom, is this bad news ?
Soil has compost and horse manure in it and plenty of centipedes.

Also about the droop, im pretty sure it was a dry droop because last i watered 3 days ago i gave 2.5L and .7mL nutes for first time. 30 min before the picture bellow she was still droopy and i gave her 3L. It was first time i watered till runoff.

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I’ve never cultivated mushrooms. I’d be a little concerned that the climate in there is supporting a mushroom; don’t they prefer cool dark moist environments? I don’t think the mushroom is hurting anything, but I wouldn’t view it as a good sign either.

You mentioned centipedes. Here’s the thing: Centipedes are like the lions of the insect kingdom. And just like other apex predators, they need a large population of something else to eat. So the question is, what are they eating? Indoors you have to keep it clean, even in soil.


Thats the thing ive always been worried about what is the prey in there but never saw one… but yes im starting to think maybe my soil is too moist. Thanks for the repply

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With the compost, you should be good. Most of the times it’s the fungus breaking down whatever leftover materials and will actually provide nutrients to the roots of your plant.

Just found these guys growing in mine tonight, and have been getting some of the fastest growth I have gotten in a while.

Jonny Utah