Is there a product that you can use to cure harvest?

I have been in the planning stage of my project for a couple weeks and still have a couple more weeks before i start. But I am a long range planner and i was initially thinking of using my tent to hang the plants up after harvesting because of the smell, leaving the light off. Is there some type of product that i can hang my plants in instead of using my tent?

To control the smell your tents about the best option

I hang my plants in my garage

I was afraid of the smell.

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Yeah… it can definitely stink up the place, but can’t be smelled by my neighbors


use your tent, but make sure you have good air circulation inside the tent. the smell will lessen day by day.
I keep an aerosol of cheap stinky furniture polish next to my front door and spray the door until it cancels out the odour…it smells rank but it eases my paranoia.