Is there a marijuana test/quiz out there?

Curious if there is a test/quiz out there revolving around MJ plants. ABCD answer choices or the like from start to finish.

It would be cool to be able to “test” your knowledge and prepare beginners at the same time instead of the other way around with research and running into the problems first hand damaging yield/crops.

Your best chance at finding such a thing is to check out the online schools. The downside is that I expect a lot of the questions would be around cannabis regulation, which isn’t really what you are looking for.

You may find this helpful:


I’ll add too that the search feature here in the forum will give you dialogue on just about any topic you could want to know about.

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If you want to learn to swim, you need to get into the water. Just be honest with yourself with your needs. Research basic equip and dive in!


Thank you, I have read that one as well as a few others.

I would like to see if it’s possible to put that to the test though, I keep running into variations from what I read compared to first hand.

I figured I would ask, seems like with the legalization stuff coming about and a ton of newbies it would be beneficial to have some sort of " grow bible" that had a test at the end with “real world” issues to see if you can call it correctly. Seems like a cool Idea anyway.

I agree entirely, which I have done just that.

However I keep running into this or that and I end up researching day after day seemingly all day, haha.

In short, In the last 6 months I have come along way but have a long way to go with my hands on growing.

I think hands on is the best approach, but to be able to back that up with some basic knowledge that I see many of you have on the forum via a test/quiz I think would be phenomenal. To me it looks like 90% of the stuff seems " basic" across growing in general once you have experienced it.

I’ll keep reading up and doing it. It would probably be best to just ask specific questions when I run into those problems, It’s just so often I feel like I would flood the forum, haha.

I am experiencing my first time with " fox tailing", which I couldn’t really point out in photos before. It looks weird for sure, both of my plants started doing it at the same time so I am guessing it’s a light issue, I did have it at 75% at that point, which was about 400W at the wall at a distance of about 18".