Is the overwatering?

if it is overwaterig . what should I do , my first grow.

Looks like it. How much and how often? I’m pretty sure in ground requires watering as often and it does look like her soil may be damp in the shady areas. That’s the only reason I’ve been hesitant to grow in-ground is I would drown the eff out of them I’m sure.

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Thank you .Arrgh… Ill just let them sit hopefully they come back. Should have stuck with tomatoes

two days ago. using happy frog soil

half a gallon

Then it maybe just the opposite. Underwatering. Can u take another pic?

Also Im going to close your other thread as they both address the same issue and this one has more traffic

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They came back ): never knew I could get so emotionally attached to a plant. 8)

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