Is that what you’d call a healthy plant?

Banana Purple Punch by 420 Fast Buds

This is the second weed plant I’ve ever grown,
I have no prior growing experience with any plants not just weed.
I don’t know anything about PH or nutes I’ve simply just watered it when it needed water.
Obviously I’ve watched my fair share of YouTube Videos but that’s as far as my current knowledge goes.
It’s 40 days old at the time of this post and in the photos below. First 22 days were spent in 40x40x120 grow tent under a sf100 then it was moved outside . Fast forward 18 days later at day 40, day 1 of flowering begins . I’ll only be using a type of Tomato feed every 4 days nutrients wise.

I am open to any type of questions and PLEASE, I’m very open to advice and honest opinions


Whatever you are doing, keep it up.
Looks healthy!


Hey thanks man :+1:
Your Bubba Kush looks Awesome

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Thank you sir!

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You know, if I were you, to keep it simple, I’d get a bag of fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3, and top dress with it. That’s my main regiment of nutrients, and it’s good stuff. Then all you have to do is worry about water. If you can figure out how to make sure your water is ph 6.5, that would be a bonus. Here’s mine at day 59.


Day 41


She looks like she might could use some more light. Generally speaking, when a plant has little to no branches its a sign she needs more light.

Thanks man I thought the same
I moved her to a better spot today
It gets a full sunlight cycle there