Is she ready, or getting close? Frost is coming

This is my second grow. I live in a legal state Michigan and I grew two last year. Clones. They grew to about four foot. Never expected these to grow so good. They could have been 10 footers I super cropped twice and put a net on them. They went right through that. They are easily 8 foot tall
Good ILGM seeds!
Happy growing


Thanks man, I really appreciate it. This is my 2nd year. I was lucky we had good weather this growing season. No rain, we have a drought. So the bud rot is not an issue this year. Neither are
the incects. I learned from last year and sprayed with captain jack once a week. No borers or caterpillars. This forum is really helpful, you can ask questions, and see what others are doing and maybe learn from their mistakes. My girls survived near 60 mph winds today, glad I covered them. Hope they survive frost tomorrow. If it was not for my 3 sativas, I would probably harvest everything. But they are not even close yet. Not enough weight. They are huge, maybe a couple of pounds of bud each when they are done. Hate to lose it. My indicas are planted next to them, so they get covered automatically. Yea, trimming is sure a full time job. Hopefully we get there soon without many losses.

Yep, that’s why I like seeds better then clones. Feminized make it easy.

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Good looking plants. I covered mine today. We have large area, and the plants are 8 feet tall. 1 gigantic piece of plastic. It was quite a job. Never knew it was so hard to pull it over pvc pipes over those plants, with the wind blowing. Glad we did though. Broken trees, telephone polls, branches and so on. Girls are ok. It was 60 mph. Hope to survive frost tomorrow. Next week look 60s and 70s.

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Sometimes you just got to pull the trigger. Maybe the jar is empty, maybe the frost is coming, maybe the wildfires are approaching. If u have to do it, go right ahead. You will loose the perfect harvest that you were hoping for. But if you don’t, will the plant die from the cold? Probably from a freeze. But what can you do? Its not the end of the world. There is always the next round. And while it doesn’t compare to the natural light of being outside, a tent inside will give you the freedom to have another round before spring. But I’ve rambled long enough. It all yours. Do what you feel is best. I wont criticize.