Is she ready? My first try @ this

First I’d like too thank this forum for all the help bn my 1st attempt. Looking with this little jewelers glass it looks like about 15-20% amber. Should I put her in darkness? How long? Is that a myth?

Any closeups of the trichomes? Really hard to tell for sure but the buds themselves look like they still have some time left for the hairs to all turn and recede.

Also be sure you’re looking at the trichs on a bud, sugar leaves will turn first.

That said, they look outstanding!!


I still see a good amount of white pistils on her and she still looks like she is filling in as well like stated above id like to see some pics of trics up close if possible


No she doesn’t look done yet. Way to much white hairs. You will want close up of trichomes to be sure.

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