Is she drinking her water correctly?

I’m worried plants are not growing at optimal rate. It has been 9 days since the last watering, and the first inch and a half of the top soil has just gone dry. Is it taking too long for the roots to absorb their food? I am feeding a gallon to a 3 gallon pot

Also, I fed water with Ph 7.8 for the first 30 days. I have corrected the Ph to a range of 6.2-6.8 for the last few weeks days.
Runoff PPM’s were 843 as of Day 36…Eight days later PPM was 1,000.

Seems most people with plants this age are a little bigger, and seems like they drink water faster (every 5-6 days).

Am I experiencing lockout in my root system?

Growing in FFOF using the FF main nutrient trio and calmag. Started using nutes on day 35. Since then I have used nutes every feeding, but have only had to feed twice(I think it’s taking them too long to drink.)


Hi I think they look great.
But hey ,what would I know…
This is my last seed of MK Ultra and I am tryin to save her.

Merry Christmas :flushed:


That’s almost definitely nute burn or light burn what’s your light and distance I’m leaning towards light given how much your seedlings are burning


You’re girls look good considering they were given such high ph what’s your run off ph?


I’ve only measured runoff Ph for the last watering, but it was 5.7 ( about 1 less than the PH I put in)

Thinking my VPD is too high and is causing slow growth. Humidity has been prettt low around 30-35. Have had a humidifier outside the tent but only raised humidity to 42, so just moved it inside the tent.

Yup that’s it ive been struggling to keep my closet humid, I run a humidifier 24/7 and I can barely get my tent to 45 in the dry winter recirculated air

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Right? Check how I tried to insulate my closet


@Flannelanimal I think your plant looks great. Can’t see any signs of lockout anywhere. That is one big ass pot you have there though. If it was me I would wind the feed back a little as your runoff is higher than what’s going in. That tells me that there is still a load of nutrients held in your soil. Runoff pH is a concern though so keep an eye on that.
@ash that looks like nute burn. Soil looks wet as well. What are you growing in. Might be too hot for a plant that age


Hi Growing in Coco peat…
Only started giving nutrients when yellow leaves started.
Tried my best to kill it but it is still alive. :slightly_smiling_face:
Have lots of great advice here and hopefully I can rescue her.


Looks like I gave you a bum steer @Ash. I’ve no experience in coco at all. I’ve tried to kill a few of my babies :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl:. Good luck getting to the bottom of this and a merry Christmas to you :sunglasses: