Is she a DUD or can I save her

**Here below is my gelato 21 plant she broke soil 6-10. Also planted her the same time as my white widow too

. **

Is she just a slow grower or do I have an issue with her.
1.) she is planted into a mix of MG soil​:weary::weary: I knw that was a bad mistake bt I ran out of my ffof and I didn’t wanna waste a seed honestly.

Here is my white Widow

Tag anyone I greatly appreciate
Also will be making a grown-journal kinda of already started my grow but I’ll post sooner to later THANKS​:bangbang::bangbang: HAPPY GROW


I have 3 out of five that seem to be slow growers. But the two that are growing fine I am proud of and will focus most of my efforts on those two. Will not toss the others just wait and see how they do down home stretch.

Can’t you transplant into fox farm before it’s too late?


Welcome ! your plant has lots of life in it I would do the transplant as @Tinman mentioned and take care of it . Sometimes runts come on strong at the end.


After I transplanted her back into a solo cup with used ffof soil while I’m waiting for my bag to come in.