Is Outdoor Container Growing an Option?

I’m new to growing.

I plan to start simple and attempt to grow with as little gadgets as possible and learn as I go. I understand there is a lot to know and I plan to eventually read through the Grow Bible and plant care provided by ILGM - but for now…quick question:

Can plants be grown outdoors with success in containers?

I plan to start them indoors and grow maybe 1-3 plants.

I would also envision making a smallish, portable greenhouse simialar to: 🌞Cattle Panel Greenhouse🌱For About 150 DOLLARS! 🌻 DIY - YouTube

I would like the convenience of growing outside but may not be able to set aside a permanent location for plants in my yard.

I’d appreciate recommended container sizes as well as fairly ideal height requirements for the following 3 strains:

Amnesia Haze Auto, Gold Leaf Fem and Super Skunk Auto.

Thank you!

Yes, a lot of growers use smart cloth pots. I’m guessing since they are auto flowers 5 gallon should be fine. I would go bigger with a non autoflower plant, say probably 10 gallon or bigger

Something like this is

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Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel. I just quickly did some more searching on the site to find an answer to my question (which I know probably seems dumb to growing vets).

I found the blog post on greenhouse growing: Growing Marijuana In A Greenhouse: The Definitive Guide - ILGM

This really helps. I just wanted to get started with both germination and building my greenhouse…so I wanted some quick pointers.

ILGM really is a cool site!


No question is dumb. We are all here to learn and share our experiences to help better each other.
Yes it is an amazing site


Absolutely smart pots 3 gallon for autos 5 gallon for bigger plants you can still do 3 gallon you should purchase Foxfarm soil you won’t have to do much for the first few months except water at ph your water if you decide you do nutrients it will be fine for a few months without because the Foxfarm ocean has enough nutrients in it to get you going well quickest cheapest way to do it outside right there unless you have another so well that you were more comfortable with but a lot of people on here use it including myself and I’m an indoor and out door grower

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Container growing is probably the best way to grow outdoors if youve got a big enough pot to grow in. As the guys have suggested, the cloth pots are the best option to go for. Your gold leaf fem will need a big pot to grow her roots out over the long outdoors season, I grow in 8gal but id grow in 25gal or more if I had the option to! the bigger the root system, the bigger the plant :smile: My gold leafs have been over 6ft the last two seasons I’ve grown them, they tend to grow tall but extremely bushy especially when topped and trained


You can grow in containers out door will need to feed them nutes still but yes is the answer
I plan on putting a few in 25 gal soft pots this spring
@BondPacker has some great pics on his thread of about door grow using pots suggest you check them out


If your pot isn’t big enough, the roots will grow into the ground and you’ll lose your portability unless you lay down some kind of barrier.

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Exactly, had it happened many time with other plants in my garden…

I actually like to dig out about a 20 gallon space in the soil and then put my soil in it that way I know that the soil under my soil will take the roots and not have the issues But I would say I dig a good 20 to 30 gallon whole before I even start I don’t know if that helps this conversation at all but I thought I’d throw it out there for you


Pretty looking ladies you got there…

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That was two seasons ago the

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