Is Neem Oil Causing Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome? Interesting read

I had something similar to this once long ago and ran across this article.


I believe they forget other causes… I had this in 2017 all summer… It ended up being something called Silent GERD. Which i still suffer from.

Smoking anything is a trigger, as well as drinking or eating… soda, alcohol, garlic, tomato based products, acidic stuff, spicey food, fried foods, etc… Pretty much all of lifes goodness.

It took years of different meds and diet to get it under control… But the first Dr… Focused on pot… He was wrong.


Our dog Sister, was raken to the vet for repeatedly vomitting after eating, or just to wreching, (dry heaves).

   She is inside dog and doesnt get subjected  to high temps outside, i first thought heat stroke because she showed signs like humans do after strokes, paralysis on one side.  Face drooping.

 She did consume a few cannabis leaves as evident on the leaf tears.

Could this have been similar. Vet bill didnt give exact diagnosis, he thinks she had a stroke. But not a heat stroke.

Tired of this crud.


THC is toxic to dogs.


Went and read up. Omg, to a tee. I think we are relieved some.


As of now, the shower curtain will be in use at night while lights off. She knows better, but when a animal has issue, they will do what their instincts tell them. Dont blame her, blame ourselves for not being educated on the subject of cannabis.

I say that cause we look up all dessert plants, some yuccas, types and others are toxic to cattle and drought causes cattle to eat prickly pear, yes, like watermelon with long needles attatched. We would take flame thrower so to speak and burn needles from pear to prevent what comes next sfter they hsve consumed some. No toxicity, but lumps on jaws, throats will require lancing and meds.


I know a guy who puts Neem on the plant and Neem cakes in the soil. I can gar un tee ya one thing, if you smoked anything off the west coast in the last thirty years you probably smoked some Neem. So I been tole.

I now am sold on the potassium salts of fatty acids aka insecticidal soap, but have used Neem before. Malathion is another pesticide used a plenty back in the day.

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Funny when something that actually helps with upset stomach/ appetite is now being accused of causing vomiting…

It’s definitely the pesticides that are being put on them. I’ve always been an advocate of using insects to help with infestations and speak loudly about what you put into your product you put into yourself and those you gift it to.

It’s our responsibility to make sure our products aren’t causing harm to our consumers.

Grow on and stay safe


I second @PharmerBob

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Our 1st p4p had that oil does not use in flower i think. It said. Never used since.

I probably said neets oil, that just sits on my tongue. We were green.

Thank for the thread. We know she had Banana Kush leaves. Some comfort knowing that most likely it wasnt a stroke.

Illegal state, not telling the vet my dog ate our plant. As with strokes, paralysis, and dsmage to some organs possible.
Worried about lasting effects, as of now, normal.

See. Love that dog. ER bill, worth every penny.


@DoneDeal. Was reading this because we had a potforpot that came with neets oil and learned valuable lesson.

Ps, still closing shower curtain nowdays.

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She’s beautiful :heart_eyes:!!! Thanks for loving her that much. Don’t get them unless you’re going to take care of them. I spent $3,000 on a dog’s kneecap 3 years ago and we’ll do it again 10,000 times over @Mosca


Dogs! Can’t live without them. My First line of defense. Still cheaper than my kids and not near as many problems.


@AfgVet. I was reading this thread. This is what led us to that.

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I hear you our boy blew out his knee $7600 CA to replace it. Of course the vets got you by the short hairs and heart strings. We were lucky we could do it. Would do anything for our fur babies

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