Is my weed the blueberry yum yum from the song?

hey everyone!

there is a song by ludacris called blueberry yum yum

he states that if you get your lighters and roll a sticky you and multiple people could potentially get high…


i purchased the “fruity mix pack” they said…

there is one called “blueberry”

is this the one that luda is sayin about? excuse my egnlish

I’m particular I don’t think so as well as highly doubt it blueberry yum yum and blue berry kush are two different strains, also here at ilgm we off blueberry kush, not blueberry yum yum

Oh, because the item is called “blueberry” so I don’t know if the “kush” is implied, or if the “yum yum” was, also.

i was hoping mine was the one luda raps about

Kush more than likely lol

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either way i will smoke thy plant

No telling my friend…be funny if it were


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Either way good luck and happy growings

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okay thanks everyone !

you should see what i made

Well show us…lol


It’s a bin from walmart… 9 bucks, free lid…

drilled holes in the lid, hung 5 florescent lights from the top with zip ties.

there are two computer fans on each side… drilled out and then exacto-knifed or whatever to fit the fans in.

Took a 12v power thing from a bin in the garage and cut it up to power the two 12v fans. Ones an intake and the other blows out.

yes, i know… tinfoil… but its just for intro veg so w/e. I have other plans for when they outgrow this. 600w visparsara (seems to be popular around here right now, coincidence too, perhaps its good marketing by amazon) .

also have a tube of mylar but thats for later also…

here are a couple pics… probably too hot, and there is no humidity, but ill get on that.

what do u think? i havent watered them all day cuz i heard every1 overwaters… so im tryna be safe…

the rag used to be wet, for humidity… the comp fans dry it out pretty quick so far

quick question, why are the costylos or whatever leaves pointing towards the ground sorta?

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Cotolydens, and that’s how they naturally grow. As the plant gets older they will start to lose color and die off.

Hope this helps

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Awesome little setup

Love the inside shot