Is my plant going to die :(?

it looks healthy but noticed this is it about to go?

@Steven420 I am not sure what you have… Let’s get some Pros in…
@Donaldj I know your Hydro… But. @bob31 I am not sure who other to ask. But I am sure they will help out.

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It’s damping off… your basically over-watering , even if your in hydro your trunk and roots need oxygen or this is what happens… :wink:
I’ve been growing with just neoprene disc’s for a while now and it’s just a matter of how high your water level is set , to the age of your plant… :wink:
It looks like your in soil or coco… either way damping off… stop watering so much asap … :wink:

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get some soil on that don’t wate any longer



Ok thanks and when i water shall i not let any water hit the trunk at all ? If so how many inch from trunk shall i let water get to to? Ive got to water alot at a time to make the 5l pot drain :frowning: does it Have to drain ? My soil absorbs alot! Thanks

Add more fresh soil or cover it up with soil off the top off what im using now? If i add fresh will it not mater that its going to be very dry on top because im not letting them get any water anytime soon ? Thanks

it won’t hurt anything. New soil is good but any soil that was left over will do just fine


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I would also suggest that you add some perlite to your soil mix next time… :wink:

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No you do not always have to water till run off
I did not start watering to run off till like week 4 or 5 I think.
A good gage is using your index finger
I push my finger to the second knuckle if you feel moisture to your first knuckle don’t water if it is dry water.
Hope this helps @Steven420
You have some veteran growers here too and are in good hands
Keep up the good work she will be fine