Is my plant dying?

Any advice on what to do with my plant. First timer here and not sure if it’s dying and if so what can I do to save it.

Hard to tell looks like maybe bud rot…

Should I remove the browned parts?

Yes, and be very careful.
You can’t see the spores of mould with your eyes but as you touch or move the area it can spread spores all over.
So be careful.
Also wash your hands right after and whatever you used to cut it off.
Then inspect the rest of the bud.

Looks like you had an autoflower seed you just placed in a bucket of dirt and watered eh?

Yes lol just started it for fun but very invested in it now as I’ve watched it grow and nurtured it.


And thus it begins… Come back and chat some more when you bought lights and are atleast $500 in already… LoL good.luck with her …tell us how she smokes. Pull off that brown and maybe even a little h2O2 solution… definitely wash her…

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Thanks for the tips. Going to bring it inside and take care of it. I’m in Florida and I’m sure keeping it outside was my first mistake with all the rain and humidity.

West palm … We got about 5 others in florida as well. This BS non legal state. I just chucked about 6 oz from last outdoor grow… Our humidity is a killer


can you take some closer pics of the leaves? REALLY hard to see but may also be pests.

do NOT BRING IT INSIDE if it’s been out and you have other plants.

Same in St Louis.

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