Is my plant almost done

He said when you flush with flawless you only have to flush for a week

Up to you. Couldn’t hurt to run some nutes through. If it doesn’t do anything no big deal.

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Yeah thats true i will try rhat my on Sunday when i water again

Yeah. Chances are that shit didn’t strip all the nutes and won’t prevent them completely with. It’s probably ph based or something. I’d try for sure. You are gonna get good buds regardless. It’s just trying to get you some extra weight.

Tried to get a few more pics, but they keep turning out like crap though.

Those are good pics. They are gonna turn cloudy soon.

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My first harvest sucked i had 2 plants and one hermed on me. i didnt notice until it was to late end up with some good bud but had seeds and i harvest it early because i was trying to avoid the seeds getting to crazy.

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They were both supposed to be sour d but the plants looked totally different one was bushy and the other lanky

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Keep an eye out for hermies but don’t let them ruin your day. I think you are good to let it ride. If you look at my journal. In search of a mentor for my autos it spans two grows and about 2 years. There was a ton of learning that took place.

If you want something to read it’s pretty detailed. One thing I noticed as I look back is that I harvested early too my first run-against good advice I got at the time :sweat_smile:.

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I will definitely check it out

Heres aome updated pics