Is my grow room stable?

I put the humidifer outside of the room, and tubed it in. Is this an ok height for the humidifier tube? Its about three foot up the wall, and the tube is angled up on the end so i dont have water dripping out. I thought putting its output near the fan would help disburse the vapor coming out of the tube.

I just repotted them, the roots were browning at the bottom of the pot. Im not sure if thats bad or not.

I repotted them in a mixture 50/50 mix of half Espoma Organic potting mix with earthworm castings, myco-tone, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, and feather meal, and half Espoma organic land and sea with lobster and crab meal.

I added bone meal and blood meal to this mix also, but just about a quarter handful of each to the mix.

I hope thia helps. I broke the root ball up and got the majority of the old soil off it.

The pots were heavy. I switched soils, and now the pots drain extremely quick. Its like the water just runs through it, so i have the pots setting in betty crocker containers to catch the run off

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