Is my grow room stable?


I am new to growing, but i build stuff, and wanted to build a grow room. So i framed in a 3x4x8 area of a shed outside, and installed r13 insulation and mylar reflective insulation in the room.

•AC infinity t6 with 6 inch carbon filter
•AC infinity cloudforge humidifier
•AC Infinity controller 69 Pro
•Ac infinity register booster pulling fresh air in from a channel i dug under the shed
•Tower fan with a 750cfm max.
•Hisense portal ac that will cool a 250sft area
•Vevor 400w PGL-Z1 LED Grow light

I am trying to keep my VPD at .8-1.2 atm, but i am just flying by the seat of my pants and neck deep in research in this stuff, i figure best to ask the experts.

Is my setup ok?

I try to keep the room temp around 68°-80°F depending on how well the poratble ac can keep up with it.


Set up looks awesome! :clap:

The intake and channel under shed seems like a great idea to bring in cool air.

Can’t comment on your light since I don’t know Vevor, other equipment sounds good though.

Those plants look at bit hungry. What’s the soil/nutrient plan?

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Don’t break your bean on this. Get close and roll :green_heart::metal:t2:


The soil i have is a mix of my soil from my yard, and just regular Miracle grow potting soil from lowes.

With me being a beginner, i dont know much about growing, but i thought if i mixed the sandy ohio river soil with the Miracle grow it would do better then just the Miracle grow.

I sprayed a epsom salt solution on them to becuase i thought the yellowing was a magnesium deficiency, they perked up after that.

The plants are a littlw over a month old, and they are recovering from the second topping i did a few nights ago.

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This is Grapefruit Sour Dream btw. I happened to get a few seeds in a batch by Buckeye Relief i got from the dispensary here in ohio. Started off with three but one didnt germinate.

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I think you need to come up with a plant to feed these plants. That soil is going to run out of nutrients, if it hasn’t already.

In the future avoid miracle gro, many of us have had bad results.

There are many ways to feed. I recommend you look at many people here to see what you like and best fits your style.

Personally, I prefer an organic soil (often called living soil or super soil). There are many variations and differences within these. I top dress to the top of the soil with dry organic nutrients, I use Gaia Green. It takes time for nutrients to break down and this slowly feeds the plants over time.

Another style is known as synthetic or salt-based fertilizers (nutrients). On this forum I see a lot of people recommend Jacks 321 product. I haven’t used it so I can’t say much more than it seems quite good based other members.

There is a lot of debate about different feeding styles. I recommend you pick one style, follow someone who does it well, and try to replicate their process. Once you’re successful with that, then start looking at tweaking the process or trying something new.

Going back to my own style, Inuse organic nutrients because it fits my lifestyle. I’m busy with work, kids, and travelling. I can’t be home regularly enough to feed synthetic nutrients. Organic lets me feed less often and keep the plants doing very well. I also use an ‘automatic’ watering style known as sub-irrigated planters (SIP), which creates a water reservoir at the bottom of each pot. Then the plants drink water as they need it from the bottom. Again, I chose this watering method to fit my lifestyle.


Looks like she needs some Nitrogen. Nitrogen in veg will keep your plants green. That is why when we give em too much, they are really dark green and look waxy.


Would it be safe to repot them into a new soil? Or should i look into just adding liquid nutrients?

This is my trial run on this stuff too, i appreciate any and all info thrown my way!:metal::metal:

I purchased some strawberry cough feminized seeds from ILGM, and some “Lemon G” Feminized seeds from Pacific Seed Bank and that is my first full crop try😀 i put the lemon G in quotes because i have done more research since purchasing those, and it says that Lemon G is clone derived, so i have my misgivings if they are real.

I think i will move the humidifier outside the grow room, to add more space, and run the tub in from outside the room. I have the portable ac unit ducted through the wall. At first, i had it setting halfway in the wall, and it wasnt performing well at all, because the evaporator intake and stuff was on the outside of the room i was trying to cool, and it was using alot of energy. Moving it completely in the room made it function properly.

I looked up nitrogen deficiency fixes and blood meal was one of the choices. Is that something i can just add to the top soil and water to add in? Or do i have to repot with the blood meal mixed into the soil?

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Amen. Get it close and do other stuff.

Top dress should be fine with that. Use sparingly. Easier to add more than ridem too hot. Done that more than once.
Welcome to the forum. I use dry ammendments myself. Top dress in.

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These are just my thoughts…
If you have the ability to transplant since you used yard soil/MG, I would do that. Use cannabis friendly soil. Alot of options. Fox Farms, Roots Organic, Mother Earth, Coast of Maine and many more. These soils are geared specifically toward cannabis and should be ready to go out the bag with 6.2-6.8 pH. I started doing slurries on new bags as sometimes it is too low.

Blood meal, I am not sure how quickly blood meal breaks down to be available. I would use something along the lines of 7-9-5 NPK whether it be an amendment to the top soil you mix in or a liquid nute.

Hope I helped a bit


Lots of good input here. I really agree with @Bonjoyle, you should transplant to bigger pots with a cannabis-specific soil. Fabric pots are excellent as well, generally better than plastic pots. They allow more air into the soil, and they help prevent plants from becoming root bound - where the roots wrap around the inside of the pot and pretty much strangle themselves.

For a top dress, I’d try to find a balanced mix with that hits all the nutrients. Blood meal will work, but I think it’s fair to assume if your current soil is low on nitrogen, it will or soon will be low on other nutrients too. Not a fun game to keep chasing different deficiencies and trying to amend/feed each one. An overall balanced amendment will be easier.


As far as repotting in new soil, i have been looking at different ones, and saw one in particular call California Super soil. Its a little expensive, but the premixed pots are the cloth material. Is this a good soil to look into?

I work 40 hours a week, and take care of my family and side business stuff as well, so my time is ate up with alot of things.

I like the idea of the cloth pots, and read about the AC Infinity self watering pot bases. They look sweet! They keep the bottom 1/3rd of your soil damp is what I was told. Automations have been my friend so far with the smart controller taking care of my humidity stuff, and my T6 changing the air in the room. I sometimes wonder if the hole in the floor pulling in air can be dangerous for the plants at times. My controller 69 pro said it was almost 90% humidity at my sensors, but we had just had a big rain, and all that moist air outside was being sucked inside.

It does appear to be good. It is a living soil so it states it has everything from seed to harvest as far as nutrition. Unless you see a problem, you should not have to feed. Also with Super/Living soils, you do not need to water to runoff as you don’t have salt build up. Watering to runoff would only be needed if you see a problem so you can check the pH and PPM’s.

If it doesn’t have worm casting or guano, I would buy a small bag of that and add it in for the microbial life and maybe even look into some Mykos and/or Azos or something similar. Want to keep the microbes alive for the whole grow to ensure they are breaking down what our girls need.

Here are all the ingredients. I think this is a good soil, way better than what you got now.

  1. Milled Epsom Salt
  2. Blood Meal
  3. Humic Acid
  4. Fish meal
  5. Worm Castings
  6. CoCo Coir
  7. Pacific Oyster Shells
  8. Bat Guano
  9. Azomite with Rare Earth Elements – Zinc, Boron, Copper, Cobalt, Iodine, Manganese
  10. Mycorrhiza
  11. Dolomite
  12. Organic Perlite
  13. Cold Water Crab Shells
  14. California Kelp
  15. Peat Moss
  16. Organic potting grow mix
  17. California Volcanic Red Rock
  18. Steamed Bone Meal

With your AC… how do you have your exhaust run? You need to wrap your exhaust hose in some insulation as well. The heat from it will cause your temps to climb… i run a 12000btu port hisense in my flower room… as far as soil… the cu ft of the soil you are buying as far as cost. Alot of the cannabis friendly soil mixes are 1 cu ft. Coast of Maine Stonington Blend comes in 1.5cu ft bags. Enough for nearly 3 5 gal pots. That what i use.


I have a hole cut in the mylar thay was slighty smaller then the hose that came with the AC unit. There is probably 5 inches of hose visible in the room, the rest is fed through the mylar and r13 insulation and in the other part of the shed, going into a 6 inch hole i cut in the siding

I added blood meal, bone meal, and dr earths organic all purpose fertilizer 2-2-2 to the first few inches of top soil. I am hoping for a rejuvenation of the color, but they are looking lime green with painted nail.

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Are the Gro buckets an ok choice? Its says i can snag a 3pk of them on amazon for around $55.

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How heavy are those pots? Look either over or under watered. Both look about the same. If light and dry givem water. If heavy back off for a bit till light. Plastic pots dont regulate moisture very well.

Yes grow buckets use the SIP method. Haven’t used those ones specifically, but will be a good choice!

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