Is my barometer broken?

How can it be reading this ?

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What is the problem you are asking about?

It says the humidity is high but it’s only 37%

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Look at the picture of the house

I didn’t see that he first time. Do you have another to check it?

Thanks brother

That’s odd I think you possibly may have got a faulty one, do you have another one?

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I have same one it resets overtime what it’s doing is warning you that you hit High 61% they are designed for house use not just gardens at 61% rh condensation would be running down your windows people are happy at different RH than plants it’s not broken look again later today it will have reset Ideal in house is around 40%

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Thanks everyone I was having an it of a freak out since I moved to a tent and installed the carbon filter. I can’t seem to get humidity up. Tuning, retuning. Turning off additional fan it gets hot at the top the mehzi lights get pretty hot btw. And just didn’t want some sort of lockout.
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It’s all good brother

Any advice? @Hawkeye_diesel

Maybe try an reset it, take the batteries out and see if that’ll help, I’m not really sure though

That is in the high-ish range for inside your house, which is what that meter is intended for. It’s not high as in a large percentage number. If that makes sense.

The “high” is just a comfort reading, so to speak, as compared to typical household humidity.

The % number is what you want to look at, as I’m sure you know.