Is Metal halide UV a hazard in marijuana grow room?

Our area is frequently overcast, so the 1,000-watt metal halide lamp in our marijuana grow room is like our personal bottle of sunshine. It’s also, of course, the warmest room in the house and it makes it perfect for reading and making love. Is it dangerous to do this? How much (if any) UV light is there? We once got a sunburn while harvesting. Can the bulbs actually explode or do they just put that on the package to cover themselves?

Metal halide lamps do emit UV-A and UV-B light which are known to cause tanning, potential skin damage, and can increase one’s susceptibility to various cancers. UV is also detrimental to the eyes. The UV emitted from the lamps is relatively small, but some precautions still need to be taken. You should always wear glasses that filter out UV light when working in your marijuana grow room. When operating within 4 feet of the lamps, you should wear protective clothing or sunscreen.

Also, the warnings on the box are completely legitimate. If the marijuana grow lamp is hot, even a small amount of water will make the bulb explode. Fixtures that have a glass barrier over the bulb are much safer because they prevent accidents and protect you from flying debris if an accident does happen.


From experience the lights can cause “sunburn” and are hard on the eyes. I happen to have a bald head, only partially by choice, and got a pretty bad burn from working in a grow room for about 8 hours without a hat. That only happened once. LOL I also have the UV protective coating on my glasses.
The light do explode if the get moisture on them, overspray or oils from your skin. I also no this from experience.
If making love in the warm will lit room is your thing, use sunscreen to avoid any burns to the more delicate areas of your body.