Is it too late to plant outside with fem seeds in june?

Hey guys quick question, as it being June 9th, is it too late to plant 1 FeminizeD Super skunk seed outside befor it gets too cold. I live in illinois. It starts getting cold again in septmeber! Did i miss the summer window to plant outside if i plant super skung fem outside?? Today?? In june??

@MIlkbiscuit its definitely NOT too late. They won’t be as large as someone’s who’s been out since Mother’s Day but they’ll hit maturity before your season ends and will just flower smaller, not sooner or later. The Season will send her the signals and with 2+ months of summer sun to work with you’ll be set. Jmho


I intentionally drop my seeds June 16. Keeps the plants a little smaller and manageable.


I mean I diiiiiid just dig up the dead stump of a crate myrtle and I dooooo have enough extra soil to fill the hole.


Thank you all!

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Hell no, it not to late. I also live in Illinois (west central/ 18 miles north of St. Louis) and I grew a plant indoors to about 5 foot and put it out on July 4 and my plants have nice buds on it and today is august 24. My plant is just under 8 foot and slowing down in height. It’s all about the finish. The longest day of the year is the 1st day of summer (June 21) and remains for roughly 10 days and then we lost bout a minute a day so you WILL be fine bro. I’m looking forward to early October. Happy growing bro…

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