Is it too early or too late?

Had a few more questions… unfortunately lol I just went to grab my ladies from the front yard were they bask in the sun daily and seen some ubserd things going on I know they have been burned due to giving nutes too soon but that’s what I get for taking advice from someone who just wants to make a sale! I explained that they were started in mg performance organic ( please dont judge I’m new) and he said it would be fine to dose them lightly so I did and ended up with what’s in the pics. My question is why is that one plant kinda droopy but perked on the top side? And can I just chop the dead/burned leaves at such an early growth stage? And what the hell is that growing from the bottom leaf another stem or leaf? Oh they’re about a month old are they growing at a normal rate or slower than what everyone else is experiencing?

A couple of things:

plants are damping off in the overwet media.

You should put a red Solo cup over the clear to keep light from the roots.

Transplant out of that crap ASAP. You will fight it the whole grow. Seriously.

No nutes! Put them out of reach. Unless going to a soilless media you don’t need to supplement until much later.

If you don’t now; purchase a decent PH and TDS meter to be able to monitor and maintain proper PH and PPM for plants and to head off any problems (or identify when they show up).


@Myfriendis410 I have took them out of that and placed them into some ff happy frog. About how far in should I apply nutes? And am I ok to go ahead and snip those burnt leaves away or is leaving them there ok? Any idea why I have another growth towards the bottom leaves?

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I am fairly new as well and @Myfriendis410 has been extremely helpful. My first grow was and still is in HF and OF. They will not need nutes for weeks, just proper PH water and some Cal-Mag at some point. Yellow leaves you can remove, they will not come back.

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@jetlag I know those leaves are done with just curious is it a good idea being that there is growth coming from some of those dead leaves to cut them or just let them wilt on there own and see what grows from them?

How soon should cal mag be given? How much and how often? Is it a reoccurring thing to add to the soil or just a one and done type of scenario

yellow leaves are done, nothing will come from them nor will they turn green again

it is one of those things you will learn. You can add ona regular basis as a preventative, but you may not need it. From my limited experience, Calcium and Magnesium seem to be the most common issues with the plants.

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Here’s the rule of thumb: if the plant looks good don’t do anything else. Damaged leaves won’t recover and you can remove them. I wouldn’t use cal mag unless the plant was showing signs of issues.


@Myfriendis410 so is leaving them there an option or cutting it off the only way?I just dont want to ruin new growth by doing so if I can just leave it alone and let whatever isn’t going to make it just die off if that makes sense

Diseased tissue is prone to disease. Best to remove. It will not recover.

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@Myfriendis410 Makes sense I was just curious as to wtf could be growing from the bottom leaf never seen a plant do that

That growth in the last picture is hopefully branching beginning. They need to be put in bigger pots. The growth is slow for one month in.

@CMichGrower that is a solo cup challenge entry will kind of defeat the whole purpose if I change pots but that “growth” on the bottom is a good thing? And I always was told that a solo cup will suffice for 2 months of growth easily maybe even 3 I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that the cups are clear I’m new and didnt think about how it would affect the plants I was trying to look cool honestly

I’m not sure exactly what new growth you are referring to. But, at each leaf a node is formed and from this node, a new branch develops.

Watch the intersection of the leaf and stem immediately above. You will see a new branch emerge.

@beardless yeah that’s what I’m talking about but why is it just developing after all that growth on top and why on one side and not the other? Sorry in new and just trying to understand why my plant is doing all the things that it is… totally my fault i came in this new and didn’t know one thing about growing kind of trying to learn as I go

First thought is it is the oldest part of the plant. Beyond that, they do weird things some times.