Is it possible to spike garden compost with N , P or K?

I’m starting a compost , and was wondering if I could use simple things to spike say the amount of k . Into the compost soil . Let’s say by using bananas, advacardo and other things alike . Or by letting clover ( i think it is ) grow in on the compost pile . Then turning it over into the pile .


Pretty sure all the stuff you put in will add their nutrients to the compost as long as the pile isn’t leaching stuff out with rain / runoff.
Take a look into biochar as well which is made burning wood a certain way and the end product when charged with your compost and other natural amendments will act as a sponge soaking up the nutrients and also act as a housing development for the living critters to live eat poop exudates which are then available to the plants.
Many articles I’ve posted on this site as well as others going into more details…worth the research in my opinion. Use the search feature on this site and search biochar and you’ll find info…

Yea clover is able to extract nitrogen from the air unlike most other plants and when it gets incorporated into the compost that also adds to the compost.


It’s definitely more complicated if you want to stay organic, but with a little research you should be able to find items that will provide specific elements.

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