Is it okay to grow Auto seedlings in a tent on 12/12 schedule?

I have a large photo plant taking up my tent. It is on a 12/12 schedule flowering now

I sprouted 2 Autos but they are too small to put outdoors in the 95 F heat.

So is it okay to keep them in the tent with 12 hours of darkness?

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Yes, but for optimum results, make sure you are meeting DLI requirements and making up the difference with intensity if possible.


Ok good point. I have them in the shade of the big photo so that might be fine if it was 18/6 but not necessarily 12/12. Will check on that right now

Also, will they stretch more with those more hours of darkness?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think so. Excessive stretching is usually an intensity issue rather than a duration issue.

Good point.


You can always elevate the two smaller plants to increase the intensity making the 12/12 work.