Is it okay to give bloom nutrients if in pre-bloom stage?

2 of my plants are in bloom and the other 2 are just on prebloom.

Just to keep it simple, is it okay to water all of them with my bloom nutrients?


I feed my plants the same thing all the way through their life. It’s a 50/50 mixture of Happy Frog All-Purpose and Fruit & Flower dry amendments. I feed them at half strength. I do alright.


Is your half-strength feeding only during their pre-bloom stage or during their entire lives?

Your plants look great!

Thanks to the original poster, as I also had this question. I’ll ask the manufacturer, too. (Roots Organic) Their original soil is supposed to provide nutrients for the first month, and I have wondered about beginning to add smaller servings of dry bloom nutes in their second or third week (autoflowers) so I’ll clarify that with them.


That and a tea every month or so is all they get…


What kind of tea? Homemade or commercial?

Roots Organic also has a Terp Tea Microbe Charge that I also purchased, in addition to their Terp Tea Bloom. According to their feeding schedule their Microbe Charge can be given beginning in Week 1. So, maybe that’s all the amendment needed until I use their Bloom, but again, I’ll clarify that with them.

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Homebrew. I use manure. worm castings, molasses, egg shells, bat guano and fish emulsion…