Is it ok.?

hi, newbies here and first time grower thanks ILGM for seeds… im using homemade like leca, 4 cfl light and indcadescent grow bulb which got it from my friend… everything was going ok … leaf burned when i think im using indcadescent bulb that i placed it far away… had it removed now and new leaf seems ok to me… will the leaf fully recover? thanks in advanced

The plant will likely recover, the dead or burnt part of the leaves probably won’t, but newer larger healthy leaves will appear as the plant gets bigger so there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

thanks for the advise… test my ph today with tester for aquarium (cant find any ph tester in my place)and i notice its a bit high… then i try to add a little apple vineger to my water as i read that vineger can lower the ph coz i cant find any ph down at my place… will it be ok? thanks for reply

Fresh squeezed lemon juice would be better. But apple cider vinegar or distilled vinegar can work. You can get food grade phosphoric acid pretty easily at many places also, this would be best in most cases.

thanks for the help macgyver… appreciated!

Go to the auto parts store and buy a battery refill 5 bucks. This is pure diluted Sulfuric acid. I use this in my greenhouse. I buy the “shop” size. This is stable and way way better than vinegar which will not stabilize your ph.