Is it ok to FIM during the early transition stage of flowering?

I forgot to FIM during veg. I FIM’d during the first week of flowering. I did not see any white pistils on any of the plants yet.

Normally you do your topping or fimming during veg stage. If you did not see any white pistiIs I would consider still in veg stage Or the transition time between veg and Bloom. Good luck


Thanks. I’m using all training techniques. LST, scrog, manifolding, defoliation, topping. I forgot to FIM. I did not see any white pistils. its been on a 12-12 schedule for 5 days. I dont know how long a plant takes to transition into its flowering stage. So far i have 3 plants topped 3 times. 1 plant topped 2 times. All are FIM’d 3 times.

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Once you flip to a 12/12 light schedule, usually 7 to 10 days you will see flowering start. at that point that’s when I start counting day 1 for flowering stage.

I wouldn’t have done it. Very limited time for the plant to grow tops back before it will focus it’s energy on flower development.

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Will this develop a Cola?