Is it normal to plan next grow before first is done

Seriously, this hobby is super addictive. The science is amazing at the least. I already want to start another round of seeds. Should I do white widow autos or Jack Herer autos.


Quite addictive, indeed. I have six plants at six different stages of life, so I can harvest more frequently, mainly. But, also so I always have something to do in the garden lol! And the second one sprouts, I’m already thinking about what to plant/clone next. You’re not alone. And my vote is for Jack!

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Planning your next grow is abnormal. Im not able to recall a normal cannibis head though. Im already planning 2020’s grow. Lol


I’m already thinking about a grow room in a house I haven’t bought yet lol


I know. There was an abandoned chicken house in my county raided last week. 12 million of drying product found. I bet the growers planned that. All except the confiscation! Madison County Ga… Check it out.

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I’ve got two seedlings barely a week old.

I’m already thinking “photo or auto next time”.

You’re perfectly normal.

I wont do another grow until spring of next year (outside farmer)… but Im already planning it out!


You can grow indoor vicariously through me, @Sasquatch! I watch y’alls outdoor grows and drool lol :drooling_face:

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you know it @elheffe702

Lord knows you’ll be swimming in it till spring, anyway lol

@Happy_Pappy, did you see the article I posted in my grow journal about the man that walked away from a growing charge here in Ga? He had one hella lawyer!! I can find the article if you like, I kept her name just in case.


And they say marijuana isn’t addictive lol!

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Going to plant 10 Jack Herer autos for my fall grow. I’m hoping I can get this rolling so I’m getting a pound or so every month or two.

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Have fun buddy keep me up to date I just started my first jack auto

I will be watching for sure there fun to grow

Gotta work on the grow room a little before I dive in. Paint, electric circuit and some duct work but I will. Looking forward to trying autos. I know the yield isn’t as much but the ease of it may offset it.

Nice looking lady there. Wish I could grow outside.

I I have been growing outdoors for many years started growing indoors almost 2 years ago and prefer it just because there is not near the bugs but you don’t get near the size either

I would but I don’t think the cops would appreciate my hobby. Plus some punk would probably steal my Shizz

@Hogmaster. Are they just a standard 18/6 cycle for the whole grow?? Any tips on growing autos??

On autos I like to do 18-6 for a week then 12/12 photo 18-6 4-8 weeks then 12/12