Is it normal for my WW to smell like bubble gum?

Heys guys , first grow. I’m very new to this . My plant has a few weeks of flower left before harvest and she is starting to smell like bubble gum. Is this normal ?? Did I get the wrong seed maybe ?? Last week she had a very strong potent smell and now I smell gum lmao. Someone help

There is a bubblegum strain. I’ve grown it before.

It’s possible that the WW strain shares some of the the bubblegum strain terpine profile.

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My ww smelted like a strong hydro chemical smell and then the terpene profile changed to a fruity earthy smell

My white widow autos did the same. Smelled super gassy then fruity smelling like gum and after chopped and dried it did have a gassy earthy taste to it super good bud to smoke but the profiles are all over the place

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