Is it male female or hermi

Swazi strain , spilled seed of last year that have come up . i am in South Africa. plants taller than 3.5 meter.
i can not found pictures that show flowering stage, i want know when to pollonate the females, how they look when are ready to be pollonated. ilgm grobible dont show it. 2 days back i started to cover 2 females with a plastic bag to create 14 hours darkness in the hope that they will start flowering and hope fully turn into males that i can use their pollen on the other females. i already took out around 20 male plants.

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Sorry but it’s a boy


Yea best thing to do is put a couple clones be side it and make seeds that sucks

When they have balls on them they already been pollinated long time ago

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sorry @paulfouche am out of likes already this morning… neat stuff bud. i’m sure there are some on here who will have some ideas for ya.

Is it a hermi? Pic of a bud and the suspected hermi.

Blue dream, week 5 of flowering, 2 1500 watt LED full spectrum lights, Coco coir with AN sensi coco. Big bud and overdrive. 5.8 to 6.0 pH