Is it harvest time yet?

Just looking for some input… Northern Lights AF
72 -75 days from seed… outdoor grow…lemme know what you guys think…thanks in advanced :v:


of course you could harvest now, but it would be early.

give it 3-4 weeks.


Agreed :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


@amosmoses @bluntley420…thanks for the input guys…was thinking another 2 wks…but 3-4 sounds much better…don’t wanna pick too soon and miss out on all of it’s goodness…


What Amosmoses said.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:…dun let the “I want it now, cause I am a newbie” get you…:clown_face:

If you do…you will cutting yourself out of a good 30% of the possible harvest. Wait and get more bulk and much better smoke.


Thanks @tanlover442…I’ll let you know how it all turns out…plus I got another 2 waiting in the wind…will show fortitude and patience

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i ordered a jewler’s loupe 30x to look at the trichomes better. apparently when they begin to turn cloudy is the optimal time to harvest. the jewlers loupe is cool because i can put it on a keychain. i wish i spent more though and got a more powerful one. if i were to do it again id get a 60x, maybe a 50x.

the longer the wait the stronger the product will be, and it can become overwhelming. think “couch locked”

earlier you harvest the more energetic high you will get.

boils down to preference

all of this was learned from bergman’s guide on the main site.

also, would love to see pics of final harvest

You got it my friend…plants are on the smaller side due to the fact that I used pots on the smaller side(damn rookie)… already making plans for the next grow and it certainly includes larger pots…5 gal fabric ones to be exact…will keep you posted

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I’m using 5gal smart pots now but I’m going to be switching to 7gal


Agreed! Give it about 3-4 weeks I’m doing NL myself and I pulled one about 2weeks ago looked like yours and come to find out it was waaay to early

@Lito74 here’s mines just to give you an idea

I’m flushing it out next week


That’s a nice lookin lady you’ve got there @Boogie021…good luck on the harvest… and
thanks for the visual aid

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