Is it a slow grower

I have 3 white widow auto’s growing, the old’est is on day 17, she has her 2nd set of 5 point true leaves and about 4 " tall with really tight nodes. I want to know if this is normal (good) or is she growing slow?


I’m not sure how to start a new thread, was looking here in the forums for the appropriate icon, and finally found a “reply” where I can say something, anything, So, here’s my piece:

I had been thinking about growing my first plants some time ago, but wasn’t sure where to look, nor what to do, stuff like that. I’d been wanting to grow some ever since I was diagnosed with MS, but was a tad paranoid about it. You see, I’m a stoner from way back, and as I looked into this further, it became more and more confusing. I’d thought that it was little more than just another garden plant, perhaps indoors, started from seed, tended to, then harvested, like so much catnip, mint, or even chamomile. But, after going through some of the sites, and reading some of the material available, it seems that growing has been modernized, and that the only way to get started growing is to have a lot of experience to jump into shit like hydroponics.

Me, I’m used to starting with a pot of dirt and going from there.

So, I finally found some seed, variety Lemon Skunk, affordable, 10 seeds for 18 bucks, and I was able to send cash, which, being an old time stoner, being paranoid about mail interception, was to me the best way to do it, especially with the carefully thought out instructions.

So I started a few seeds. I figured if I can get these to germinate and grow to harvestable size, I’d be doingwell. Also, if these failed, then I’d try to learn from my mistakes, and would use a few of the left over seeds.

I tied, and they died. While I found a nifty LED panel that was multi colored, the still died. I grabbed the wrong bottle of water, having grabbed a flavored water instead of the spring water I was using. So, I’ll be trying once more with a few seeds. And this time, they’ll be outside, because it has been rather sunny, and I think that I’ll be able to get something to harvest.


hi welder 420.

pictures would help.

also knowing if its indoor or outdoor.

the autoflowers are really on their own schedule. i have some in low light outside and they grew much slower than the ones i have in full light.

also the ones with root stimulator grew much much faster.

at the end of the day there are a lot of variables and wondering if its slow growing or not isn’t going to accomplish anything. you should be more concerned if its healthy or not- good shade of green, no nutrient deficiencys, etc.

also, on my slow growing ones i was able to do more training techniques, probably making them grow even slower! again not a bad thing. @HornHead had some very slow growing wwas and they became HUGE overtime.

amosmoses, thanks for the reply. yes they are indoor grow ,under 300 watt LED from seed on a 18 on 6 off schedule . they are very healthy and very green, I’ve taken pictures of them every other day and i do see good growth from the pic’s. I just gave them their first feeding 3 days ago. just wondered if they seem to be growing as much as they is a pic from day 15.


Shame they died, but also 10 seeds for $18 seems a bit cheap, I don’t know weather the seeds will be of good quality :man_shrugging:.

Can’t find where to post like the first guy so I’m posting on here. I got 2 plants, one is lemonade, which is growing fine it’s about 25cm at 1month and one week. The other was planted at the same time but is far smaller. It’s Called the increadible bulk, it’s only 9cm high and it grows very slowly, I was doing a 12-12 light cycle as I wanted them to flower quicker but I got paranoid that they weren’t guetting enough light so I have been gradually adding 30mins every day so they receive more light. Is this wrong? How do I get this little sucker to grow faster? The heat is 23.5 and humidity %45 as I don’t know how to increase it!