Is green house concedered indoor or outdoor growing

I’m using store bought 7x12 green house.when directing my questions to which forum to send

Green house is green house, completely different from indoor or outdoor

I say a greenhouse is both Indoor and Outdoor. You are not in the wind or rain. (INdoor)
You are subject to temperatures, and most likely insects, good and bad (outdoors). I could go on and on.

Is your greenhouse a poly woven style; Or are you using double poly covering? I have a commercial greenhouse and may be able to help you side step some issues by setting up certain systems. Peace, lw

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Thanks @latewood I’ll let you handle this one when you are here


I am always here :wink:

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I am OK. No cartilage knee flared up past few weeks, and I had to unload lumber this week for a new farm project.

Sorry to hear that my friend, sounds quiet interesting hope all goes well for you