Is Gold Leaf a slow starter?

From a fellow grower: Is Bergmans Gold a slow starter? They seem to be behind other strains I have purchased from you, staying in a prolonged seedling state. Is this normal or are there environmental changes that should be made.

Strain: Bergmans Gold

Type (fem/auto/reg): auto

Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor

Medium (soil/hydro/details): currently in jiffy pods via pots for pot

pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: n/a

Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): n/a

Light type & schedule: 1200 watt led / cree cob

Temperatures day & night: day 73%f, night 65%f

Humidity day & night: 43 - 50% both

Ventilation: yes 6" adjustable speed

AC: when required, so far not needed

Humidifier: no

De-humidifier: no


May be the phenotype. Mine took off like a bat outta hell.

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What are you watering with and what is the PH? If input PH is off it will slow or stall seedlings.