Is Fox Farms Happy Frog soil for seeds?

All this organic talk makes me miss a michigan company called Michigannabis. That was awesome organic soil. Too hot for seeds, but i couldn’t need to add anything when i grew outside or inside. But sadly, they went under.

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There is another place a bit away from me it is Growgreenmi dot com

Idk how profitable it would be, ill stick to my day job

But if you want you can try, i gave you the recipe

They understood and displayed it also. They had a suitable schedule that worked while not being excessive and using too many resources while avoiding 7’ plants indoors. Probably not indicas. People grow photos’ entire life at 12/12 indoors.
I see people only finding out here on ILGM in 2024 that 10h dark can induce flowering so them guys got like 12/12 but with the two extra hours’ light of a 14/10 while making a smaller footprint. Who wants to run 1000w HPS and MH’s 18 hours for just a plant? Now people order fancy “dirt” from the other side of the world and run water thru every day and at 18 hours lighting. If they were primitive then I like primitive.

I don’t think you know which book I am referring to. They were doing experiments with hours of light but would use the same hours of light in both veg and flower.

Some plants were 7 hours of light per day in both veg and flower. Some were 10 in both veg and flower. They also tried a 24.

Idk for sure off the top of my head if 7 and 10 were included but you get the idea. They seemed to lack knowledge of using more light in veg and less and flower. I can understand if you want to be a rebel and don’t want to stick with the traditional 18/12. Just saying some info was inaccurate. The book also said you can graft hops onto cannabis to make psychoactive hops. Not true.

Such great information! Since my last post I already put my seedlings in some HFOF. So far they are looking fine. Let’s hope they stay like that. I’ve only grown once before and I forgot what soil I used but all plants did pretty well.

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Thanks for all the info !! Very helpful. I’m about 30 days into transplanting into 3 gal bags in happy frog and placed those in larger bags with more happy frog and a little ocean forest
Should I be starting nuts ? If so suggestions on type … my first time growing in a long long time …

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Most people say not to use any nutes with fox farm soil for at least 30 days although I find that for plants of a decent size being transplanted outdoors they can usually take more nutes. Ocean forest soil has a reputation for being able to burn small seedlings but happy frog is lighter. Your plants seem a decent size.

As far as what types of nutes to use that’s up to you. Fox farm soil is designed to work well with fox farm fertilizer as it is sandy loam. But I don’t recommend fox farm fertilizer to beginners, it requires buying several different fertilizer products plus you need to buy a ph pen and balance the ph. Coast of Maine plant food and other coast of maine amendments I highly recommend for beginners as they work well and are extremely easy to use, just top dress weekly or bi weekly.

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Awesome !! Thank you !