Is FFOF too much for WW auto

I just got my white widow auto from ilgm. Germanating now! My question is after germination should I put into straight FFOF or a mixture of that and happy frog. I will be using pearlite too. I have read that ocean forest is a hot mix for young plants. And should I plant into final pot to start?

Since this is an auto it should go into it’s final pot, yes. As for the soil, I would use the HF for the seedlings. What you can do is layer the soil with the OF on the bottom two thirds with HF on the top, that way the plant grows into the hot soil as its needed. Or you could just cut the OF with the HF.


Great, thank you!

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I’d follow @raustin 's lead and layer the soil. Im doing exactly that with my current grow only difference is I’m using different soils. The theory is your plant’s roots will grow down to the hot soil and only uptake what it needs.